We are excited to announce that Imad al Ghouleh, PhD, has received the 2017 Gilead Research Scholars Award in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.  The mission of this program is to support innovative scientific research that will advance knowledge and understanding in the field of PAH. (Source)

Congratulations, Imad!

The Vascular Medicine Institute has been well-represented at the Gilead Research Scholars Program.  Other VMI researchers who have received this award include:

Charly Lai, PhD – 2016*
Eileen Bauer, PhD – 2014
Stephen Chan, MD, PhD – 2011
Enrico Novelli, MD, MS – 2011
Elena Goncharova, PhD – 2009


Click here to view a complete list of Gilead Research Scholar awardees.

*Dr. Lai declined the Gilead award after receiving the AHA Scientist Development Grant, an overlapping proposal